Canyon Lake Phosphorus Management Program

Updates on The Alum Treatment Project for Canyon Lake from Aquatechnex

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Update on Treatment for Week of Feb. 6

Our team has arrived at the lake and are organizing to begin treatments.  As today there is rain in the mix, we will be evaluating where to start treatments tomorrow based on whether or not the dam is overflowing.

If there is no overflow in the morning we will probably start in the north end of the main lake working out of Holiday Harbor Boat ramp.  If conditions are such that there is water spilling over the dam, we will start in the East Arm of the lake working from the East Boat ramp Tuesday and part of Wednesday and mobilize to the main lake later in the week after spillage has stopped.



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Canyon Lake First 2017 Alum Treatment is go for next week

Aquatechnex at the direction of the Lake Elsinore and San Jacinto Watershed Authority will be mobilizing to treat Canyon Lake with Aluminum Sulfate this coming week.  We will be getting organized on Monday and should be starting treatments on Tuesday.

At this point we are not sure where treatments will start.  There is a small rain event forecast for Monday, if this results in the dam spilling, we will start in the East Arm of the lake.  If there is no spill we will be starting on the main lake from Holiday Harbor.

If your interested, keep reviewing this page and we will update you daily.  If you have not seen the video published on this project and are interested in more information you can click on this link.

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Canyon Lake Alum Treatment for Winter 2017

We are tentatively scheduled to begin the 2017 Alum treatment for Canyon Lake the week of February 6th, 2017.  The tentative plan will be to mobilize equipment to Canyon Lake on Monday February 6th.  Alum treatments will begin on the main lake on Tuesday February 7th.  We should be done on the main lake Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning, move to the East Bay on Thursday and complete that Thursday and Friday if necessary.

This treatment was to have occurred last week, but water levels and the flo0ding conditions causes us to consider delaying it.  There is one water quality testing event that will happen on Thursday of this week that may impact the schedule.  Interested parties should check back to this web site on Friday and we will have an update. 

This treatment should help with the sediment suspended in the lake to some degree as well.  Sediments can carry significant amounts of phosphorus.

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Day Three and Four

On Wednesday September 28th, we will be treating the north end of the main lake, working from Holiday Harbor.  We will also be using one boat to go through the tunnel into the East Arm and start working the western end of the arm.

We will be moving loading operations to the East Boat Ramp on Thursday Morning, will finish the East Arm Thursday and do the North Ski Area in the early afternoon, we will then demobilize from the lake and see you again in the spring as the group wants to keep the Alum treatments going.

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Canyon Lake Day Two

Aquatechnex biologists will be treating Canyon Lake again today with Aluminum Sulfate to remove and sequester Phosphorus.  This work will be performed from the Holiday Harbor ramp and applications will be primarily in that area and north.  Tomorrow we will be focused on the north end of the main lake and Thursday the east arm.

We had a few questions about swimming near the applications yesterday.  Aluminum Sulfate forms a precipitate with the phosphorus and settles rapidly.  This products is used extensively in drinking water treatment plants that deliver potable water to your homes and is fully certified to be used in potable water systems without any restrictions on water use.

There are some pictures on our twitter and facebook pages that can be viewed from the links on the right.

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Next Round of Alum Treatment Starts Tomorrow

Aquatechnex biologists will be starting the September 2016 Alum treatment tomorrow September 26th.  We will be working from Holiday Harbor boat ramp treating the main lake Monday through Wednesday.  We will be moving to the East Arm of the lake on Thursday and should be concluded on Thursday the 29th.  We will also be treating the north ski area as the last part of this mission.

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Treatment Rap Up Friday May 20th

The 2016 spring Alum treatment for Canyon Lake to sequester phosphorus will be rapping up this morning about 10 am.

Yesterday’s treatments addressed the East Arm of the lake.  About 1 pm we noted some light floc floating near Indian Beach and halted the application while we broke that up with boat wave action.  We moved to complete the first ever treatment of the North Ski Area in the afternoon.

Today the teams are completing application on the East Arm from the East Ramp area.  We plan to demobilize from the lake late morning.

The next treatment of the lake under this contract is expected to occur in September after the Labor Day Weekend.

Transparency Readings in the Main lake are well above 13 feet and things look good.