Canyon Lake Phosphorus Management Program

Updates on The Alum Treatment Project for Canyon Lake from Aquatechnex


Aquatechnex will be working with the Canyon Lake Community over the next few years to help mitigate phosphorus pollution in the lake.  This nutrient has been associated with deteriorating water quality and algae blooms over the years.  The Clean Water Act was set up to help protect lakes from this level of pollution and protect the beneficial uses for the community.  In this case the relevent agencies have established a Total Daily Maximum Load or TMDL for phosphorus and have received a grant to treat the lake with Alum on a twice annually basis.

Alum is applied to the surface of the lake and as the floc settles through the water column it will grab the free reactive phosphorus present.  The floc will then sit on the lake sediments and capture phosphorus releasing from that supply as well.

The purpose of this blog is to provide residents updates as treatments get closer and to show the progress of treatments during operations to those interested in following.


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