Canyon Lake Phosphorus Management Program

Updates on The Alum Treatment Project for Canyon Lake from Aquatechnex

Spring 2016 Treatments Week of May 16th

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The Lake Elsinore Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority has again funded Aluminum Sulfate Treatments to strip and sequester phosphorus in Canyon Lake.  The spring treatment will begin the week of May 16th.

Our plan at this point is to treat the main lake on Tuesday and Wednesday, move to the East Arm mid to late Wednesday, finish the East Arm on Thursday or Friday morning and this year the treatment will also target the North of the Causeway Waterski area north of the main lake, that work is planned for Friday.

Interested parties can check back here for daily updates during application, we will also be using our twitter feed that you can access @aquatechnex or from this page for more constant information.

The video of last year’s work can be viewed at


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