Canyon Lake Phosphorus Management Program

Updates on The Alum Treatment Project for Canyon Lake from Aquatechnex

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In the past few treatments we have used our company Twitter feed to keep people informed on where we are in the application process.  This has generated some issues with those followers of ours that are not at Canyon Lake, but we will continue this process again this year as we get into the East Bay and the coves there.

We will be treating the main lake from Holiday Harbor today, Tuesday, Wednesday and for a portion of Thursday Morning.  We will the be relocating our operations to the East Bay and begin that treatment on Thursday about noon.  When we get into that zone, we will start posting the Coves as we treat them.

In the past, people have indicated they didn’t think their cove was treated because they didn’t see us.  Our boats are moving at about 3 miles per hour during application.  That translates to being in front of one person’s home for about 10 seconds for a 50 foot lot.  As such it is easy to miss us if you aren’t looking at all times.

if there are specific concerns, contact Terry McNabb at before Thursday and we will do our best to give you an exact time we will be working in your cove.  Thanks.


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