Canyon Lake Phosphorus Management Program

Updates on The Alum Treatment Project for Canyon Lake from Aquatechnex

Monday and Tuesday

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The Canyon Lake Alum treated started at 7 am on Monday September 22nd.  The focus of todays work was the area of the lake from the dam up to the lighthouse in the Main Lake.  Conditions were good and we saw good floc formation throughout the zone.

Tomorrow Tuesday September 23 will see us working from the Holiday Harbor boat ramp and focusing on the bay toward the East Arm (not through to the east arm) and the main lake north to Bass Bay.

Today we applied 4 tanker trucks of Alum to this treatment zone, five trucks are expected tomorrow.  As such we may be working a bit later into the evening than 5 pm.

On Wednesday we will be completing the work on the main lake and moving to the East Arm for Thursday and Friday.


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