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Water Clarity Report from Main Lake

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The Canyon Lake Marine Patrol posted the following pictures and comments on the Friday Flyer Facebook Page yesterday.

Lake Bottom Visible at 5 Foot Depth

Lake Bottom Visible at 5 Foot Depth

Something has happened to Canyon Lake in the past week.  The water in the main lake has become amazingly clear.  You can easily see the bottom at a depth of 10 to 15 feet.  In the clear water picture, that is not the tree’s reflection – but the sandy bottom from about 4-6 foot depth.  In another picture you can see the tree branch as it reaches toward the sky – You can follow that branch 5 feet down as the sun light reflects off of the bottom floor like a swimming pool.  The last picture is over 6 feet deep as we watched fish and a cormorant swim under us. It’s only a few feet of clarity as you get closer to the north causeway and the East Bay has very little change but this is a good sign and something to monitor.


clear water to the bottom Over 6 ft and fish


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